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Your Computer and Your Mind

Computer and EnergyDid you know your computer is an aspect of you? So many of us spend hours and hours every day working on our computers. We’re absorbed by them to the point we pour so much of our energy into them they literally become aspects of our selves. So what does it mean if your computer is becoming bogged down, applications are slow to open or your computer freezes up?

It’s an indication that you have gone out of balance mentally. When things are glitchy with your computer take a look to see if you’re spending too much time in your mind – to the point you are ignoring your body and/or your spirit. I have a wonderful Dell Inspiron 9300 that the majority of the time runs beautifully. But occasionally I have days where the wireless keyboard has a mind of its own and I have no control over what letters can be typed or the number of spaces the spacebar wants on the page. There are other days where I can’t get into Bellsouth to save my life, yet others I know others who aren’t having any problems with Bellsouth. The variations of problems are endless, but the link to the mind is the same.

I know when things like that start happening I need to walk away from the computer for a few hours. If I keep at it and try to force everything to work, I become frustrated and angry and the computer will continue to be glitchy or frozen. But, when I go lie down and breathe for half hour or go for a walk or open a novel or go run my errands that day instead of the day I planned to run them, I now know that when come back a few hours later more balanced, my computer works great again.

So when your computer starts acting up, step back and look at the balance between your body, mind and spirit. Being balanced and thus having your computer run smoothly means becoming balanced with all three parts of the self. If you look for it you will see the connection between a balanced body, mind and spirit and a computer which runs smoothly.